The Benefits of Installing Roof Decking: More Than Just Extra Space

June 2, 2022

Roof decking is an excellent way to utilize the space on top of your house. While it does offer extra space, installing roof decking also serves a myriad of other benefits. Here are some of the advantages that come with investing in roof decking.

1. Improved insulation

The added layer of roof decking provides insulation by preventing the transfer of heat or cold. By having an extra layer keeping the elements out, you can reduce your energy bills by keeping your home insulated from the weather.

2. Enhanced roof protection

Roof decking acts as an added layer of protection to your actual roof. By absorbing some of the weight of any environmental hazards such as rain, hail, or snowfall, your primary roof will be less likely to sustain damage. This way, the decking can prevent wear and tear and protect your primary roofing structure.

3. Increased property value

Adding a roof deck can increase the property value of your home. Potential buyers of your home may see it as a unique and practical way to add to the functionality of the property. Roof decking This increases the resale value of the house, and you can expect higher returns on investment.

4. Additional outdoor space

As mentioned earlier, a roof deck provides extra space for relaxation, entertainment, and activities. Your rooftop deck can serve as your backyard, with barbecue parties, small gatherings and even an extension of your own garden.

5. More privacy

A roof deck provides a higher level of privacy than backyard decks. You rise above the line of vision of adjoining homes, providing more of a secluded space for activities. You can also add privacy features like planters, bug nets or fences for additional privacy and aesthetics.

6. Better ventilation

Roof decks serve as extra ventilation points for your home, to allow proper airflow, reducing humidity buildup from your home. Good ventilation helps to prevent mold or dampness from damaging your home, and helps to keep your home rejuvenated.

7. A reduction in noise

It is very likely that you are exposed to different types of noise pollution in your home. Installing a rooftop decking creates an extra layer of insulation, absorbing, and reducing some of the noise from the street, creating a more peaceful environment.

In conclusion, installing roof decking serves as more than just an extra space for you to relax and entertain; it also enhances roof protection, improves insulation, increases property value, provides additional outdoor space, more privacy, better ventilation and a reduction in noise pollution. With all these benefits listed above, it is no doubt that rooftop decks are popular investments for homeowners seeking to add functionality and value to their home. If you’re considering a roof deck, it’s essential to engage experienced contractors who can observe relevant building regulations, and take care of any structural concerns before installation.