How Modified Bitumen Roofing Saves You Money and Increases Your Property Value

June 2, 2022

If you’re looking for roofing options that provide both durability and cost-effectiveness, modified bitumen roofing is an excellent choice. This type of roofing system is made up of layers of bitumen and other materials that make it durable, energy-efficient, and long-lasting. One of the benefits of modified bitumen roofing is that it saves you money in the long run while increasing your property value. Here’s how.


Modified bitumen roofing is a popular roofing option for commercial and residential buildings, thanks to its durability. It boasts a multi-layered structure, including a base sheet, modified bitumen layer, and surfacing layer. This composition makes it resistant to various weather conditions, including high winds, hail, and heavy rainfall. Modified bitumen roofing is also resistant to UV rays, which means it doesn’t crack or become brittle over time. Modified bitumen roofing typically lasts up to 25 years, which makes it an excellent investment for a property owner.

Energy Efficiency

Modified bitumen roofing is a highly energy-efficient roofing system. It helps to regulate indoor temperature by reflecting the sun’s UV rays, which reduces the amount of heat entering the building. This means that you don’t have to rely on artificial cooling systems, which in turn reduces your energy bills. Additionally, modified bitumen roofing is a suitable option for homes and buildings in hot climates because it helps to keep the building cool.

Low Maintenance

Another way modified bitumen roofing saves you money is through its low maintenance requirements. Unlike other roofing systems, modified bitumen requires minimal maintenance. You only need to have it inspected annually to identify any potential issues. Additionally, it is resistant to stains, mould, and mildew, which reduces the time and cost of cleaning.

Increased Property Value

If you’re planning to sell your property in the future, opting for modified bitumen roofing can increase its value. Prospective buyers are often willing to pay more for homes or buildings that have high-quality roofing. Modified bitumen roofing is considered a premium roofing system, which gives buyers an added incentive to choose your property over similar properties in the market.


Modified bitumen roofing is also cost-effective in the long run. While it may seem expensive compared to other roofing options, you save more money in the long run by investing in its installation. Its durability Modified bitumen roofing and energy efficiency features reduce your energy bills, and its low maintenance requirements save you time and money. Additionally, its long product life cycle means you don’t have to worry about frequent repairs or replacement, which ultimately saves you money.

Final Thoughts

Modified bitumen roofing is a practical and cost-effective roofing solution that is worth considering if you’re looking for a long-lasting roofing system. It saves you money in various ways, including; its durability that minimizes frequent repairs and replacement, energy efficiency that lowers your energy bills, low maintenance requirements, and increased property value. By investing in modified bitumen roofing, whether for your residence or commercial building, you stand to gain many benefits in the long run.