Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your TPO Roof in Top Condition

August 2, 2022

Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your TPO Roof in Top Condition

Installing a TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) roofing system is an investment that could provide you with numerous benefits in the long run. TPO roofing reflects heat and ultraviolet rays effectively, making it an energy-efficient solution to save on cooling costs. It is also a durable and long-lasting option for commercial and industrial roofing. However, like any other roofing system, proper maintenance is necessary to maximize its lifespan and avoid costly repairs. Here are some tips on how to keep your TPO roof in top condition.

1. Regular Inspections

TPO roofing systems require a regular inspection routine to identify any issues before they turn into major problems. Inspect your roof at least twice a year during fall and spring. Check for any visible signs of damage such as punctures or tears, and take appropriate repair actions. Additionally, it is essential to check for standing water, debris, and moss, as they can cause damage to your TPO roof.

2. Keep Your Roof Clean

Maintaining a clean TPO roof is another vital aspect to consider. Clear any debris, leaves, and branches that may accumulate on your roof, which can damage your roofing membrane. Keeping your roof clean also promotes proper drainage and prevents the formation of water pools, which increases the risk of leaks. Use a broom, blower, or hose to remove debris and dirt from your TPO roof.

3. Remove Moss or Algae

Moss or algae buildup on your TPO roof can cause damages to the roofing membrane, leading to leaks and decreased durability over time. To remove moss or algae, use a cleaning solution that is approved by the roofing manufacturer. Use only soft-bristle brushes, as harsh scrubbing can damage your roof. After cleaning, rinse your roof thoroughly with water to remove any residue from the cleaning agents.

4. Ensure Proper Drainage

Proper drainage is essential in preventing water buildup on your TPO roof. Inspect your drainpipes and gutters regularly to ensure they are free of debris and blockages. Blocked gutters and drainpipes can cause water to overflow, leading to water pooling and eventually causing leaks. Keep your roof drains and gutters free of debris to ensure proper water flow.

5. Maintain Sealants

Sealants are used to protect the TPO roofing system from water penetration and other damages. Regular inspection of sealant beads around penetrations, curbs, and edges are necessary to identify any cracks or other defects. Damaged sealants can cause leaks and other damages to your roofing system. Contact a professional roofing company to fix damaged sealants to ensure proper protection and prevent further damages.

6. Hire a Professional Roofing Company

Though there are strategies for maintaining your TPO roof, hiring a professional roofing company is essential to maintain optimal roof performance. Professional roofers have the required expertise, tools, and equipment to identify and repair any issues on your roof. They can also offer you the best advice and solutions for maintaining your TPO roof, ensuring it stays in top condition.

In conclusion, maintaining a TPO roof is not only essential for its durability, but it also promotes energy efficiency and protects your business assets from environmental damage. Regular inspections, removal of debris, cleaning, and ensuring proper drainage TPO roofing will help maintain your TPO roof in top condition, as well as hiring a professional roofing company to provide you with expert advice and repairs. By following these maintenance tips, you can increase your TPO roof’s lifespan, and avoid costly and unexpected repairs.